Every Ride is an Adventure!

Austin Bus Adventures


Party Bus in Austin

Austin Bus Adventures provides Party Bus transportation services to the people of Austin Texas. Our buses create a fun and exciting atmosphere for every rider, while helping to decrease the amount of intoxicated drivers on the roadways.

Every trip is customized to fit the needs and wants of our clients, and we think having fun is serious business. Unlike other party bus companies that will only provide you transportation we will have an event planner help you create a memorable experience from start to finish.

Email or call our office and we will have an experienced event planner help you to make your event an experience to remember. Get your guests to their destination safely and let them have a great time in the process. We promise, when the trip is over, you won’t want to leave the bus!

Please call our office at 512-234-7433, Request a Quote online or email info@austinbusadventures.com to reserve a Party Bus in Austin, Houston or San Antonio.

Click here for a video of Austin’s funnest Party Bus!  The 42 Passenger Party Wagon, a nightclub on wheels!!